Hello, Clarinetists!

Performance is November 11 at 7:00 pm in Tanna Schulich Hall. If interested please email me at chelsea@komschlies.com in the next day if possible. Thank you!



Commissioned & Performed here by Katie Rice and Shiana Montanari at the 2019 ICA ClarinetFest

Ferrofluid is a mysterious and fascinating colloidal liquid made of nanoscale ferromagnetic particles, originally developed by NASA as a way to draw rocket fuel into a pump in a weightless environment. When exposed to a strong magnet, a pool of ferrofluid will form itself into a gravity-defying mound of characteristic uniform spikes. feral / fluid was inspired by the extra-terrestrial appearance and behavior of this interesting substance and by the steady hum created by the sort of electromagnets that might bring ferrofluid to life.