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For Ekmeles:

Blue Fog City, 1922

Three Sopranos

This piece was inspired by a recurring dream I had as a child in which I found myself alone at night in a foggy old city with cobblestone streets and gaslamps, but no people or cars. Everything in this stylized and cartoonish city was deep blue, from the streets to the old-fashioned shops to the two-dimensional background where the sky should have been. Things were not as they seemed in this city; the buildings appeared to shrink if I approached them, and whenever I reached a door, it was too small for me to enter. Every time I awoke from this dream, although unnerved, I wished I could go back.

Performers: Ariel Downs (www.arieldowns.com/)
Alexandra Porter (alexandraportersoprano.weebly.com/)
Rachel Calloway (rachelcalloway.com/)


for contemporaneous:


Flute, Viola, Double Bass (with C extension)

Borealis was inspired by the nighttime beauty of the great northern sky - images of myriad stars floating behind looming, silent peaks, of galaxies, visible here, far away from human cities, of cold wind howling over dark glacial lakes and mingling with the cries of loons, and of the colorful dance of the aurora borealis.

The piece is calm and meditative, taking the natural harmonic series as its source material. Our harmonic series is so tied to this earth and the way sound waves behave that it has always reminded me of the wonders of nature, and of wonders in the dark night sky that seem just out of my mind’s reach.

Commissioned by Emma Resmini, performed by Emma on flute, Julian Tello on Viola, and Lena Goodson on bass.