Glass Decay

for piano and electronics

Click here to view a PDF of the score! 

Duration: Approx. 7:30

About the Piece:

The timbre of the modern piano conjures images of smooth, hard, transparent, glassy textures. Glass Decay explores a crystalline dream world filled with luminous overlapping blocks of glass while simultaneously introducing ideas of decay. The result is a space that is hard, yet fragile; straight and unyielding, yet curved; pure and liquid, yet buzzing with grating energy.

Notes to the Performer:

Solid, white, and striped rectangles signify black key, white key, and fully chromatic clusters respectively. When one of these rectangles appears between two vertically stacked pitches, play all corresponding pitches between the indicated pitches. A tall rectangle with no confining bottom pitch listed means a forearm cluster with no definite bottom pitch. A rectangle with an arrow means a forearm roll.

A large sharp or natural means every note in the following cluster should have the corresponding accidental.

Cover art by Chelsea Komschlies