les fantasmes d'un enfant

solo piano

Les fantasmes d’un enfant is about the fanciful imaginings of a child, inspired by my own experiences. The three movements tell a miniature story.

In the first movement, the girl is captivated by a giant old grandfather clock. She finds the clock fascinating and wonderful, but at the same time, it frightens her, especially in the dark hours just before bedtime. The structure of this movement is modeled on “Des pas sur la neige” by Debussy.

In the second movement she dreams of wonderful, frightening things. This movement incorporates variations on the melodic ideas in the first movement, as the essence of the giant clock comes alive in the girl’s dreams.

At the end of the second movement she begins to wake up, then rips off the covers and runs outside. The third movement is the soundtrack to a day of play and make-believe and is inspired by the sorts of simple little folk melodies and accompaniment I used to make up when I played the keyboard as a child.